July 2021

Hillcrest Hospital Claremore 2020 Community Benefit Report

We’re proud to share the Hillcrest Hospital Claremore 2020 Community Benefit Report. Along with hospital statistics, this report reflects Hillcrest Claremore’s impact on the community through unfunded care, discounts to uninsured patients and support to local vendors. It’s an honor to provide unsurpassed care and support to our community every day. See report here.

Pediatrician Katie Jackson, M.D., gives tips on how to handle bath time with children

Ever noticed a lack of information on how to get your child clean at bath time? Katie Jackson, M.D., a pediatrician at Utica Park Clinic Claremore, gives helpful tips on how to wash them safely.

“Cleaning body parts can be one of those subjects,” Jackson wrote. “For newborns, we recommend sponge bath until after the umbilical cord falls off, and if a circumcision was performed, until that area heals. After that, parents are on their own…”

Mother-son share their appreciation with Hillcrest Hospital Claremore employees

Tallery Briggs is thankful when June 8 comes around every year, an appreciation she and her son, Brevyn, share with some members of Hillcrest Hospital Claremore.

Tallery needed an emergency cesarean section to safely deliver Brevyn in 2015. Tallery also suffered from severe hemorrhaging and required a hysterectomy days later that proved to save her life.

Two months after their stay, Tallery and Brevyn returned to the Hillcrest Claremore labor and delivery unit, this time to show their gratitude for their recovery.