Hillcrest Hospital Claremore patient treated like family

Brock Walker has felt like family during his stay at Hillcrest Hospital Claremore.

Walker recently was admitted to Hillcrest Claremore (HHC) to undergo a total knee replacement, the second such procedure for the 56-year-old Claremore native.

But it’s the care Walker has received from the staff during his recovery that has left an impression on him.

“The staff are the most wonderful people I have ever met, and I have been in several hospitals,” Walker said. “They are fantastic, considerate, compassionate and very helpful ... Other hospitals need to come to Hillcrest Claremore so they could see how patients should be treated.”

Walker said his care has been prompt and professional, topped off with a personal touch during his stay.

“I push that (call) button, they’re here on time,” he said. “They’re very courteous. They’re great. They’re very kind. They don’t waste time in getting here. They fix my bed. I don’t know anybody like these people here.”

Utica Park Clinic’s Brian Ogg, D.O., performed the surgery. Ogg, who has spent the past three decades in orthopedic care, was another bright spot in Walker’s positive experience at HHC.

“Dr. Ogg is an awesome surgeon,” Walker said. “He really made me feel at ease.”

Once he is cleared for full activities, Walker, an outdoors enthusiast, said he plans to spend more time enjoying Mother Nature out on the water.

“When I do get out, I’m going to take my fishing pole, walk straight to the lake and grab me some crappie,” Walker said.

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