Greeting Like Family - Hospital Management at the Front Door

If there is one word to characterize the spirit of a new program at Hillcrest Hospital Claremore, it is compassion. Every morning, members of the executive and management teams at the hospital step out of their daily roles and into the role of greeter, personally welcoming patients and visitors as they walk into the hospital. “Good morning, how can I help you?” Valentin Danescu, manager of housekeeping services, is eager to help answer visitors’ questions and take them where they need to go, as part of the Greeter Program at Hillcrest Hospital Claremore. “Being out here and helping patients is a very good feeling,” he says. “I enjoy helping others. I enjoy seeing a smile on their face. That is a great joy.”

Most often, people ask where they need to go or how long a procedure will be that their loved one is undergoing. Greeters not only help answer questions, but they also help calm fears and anxiety. Jeff Redman, director of facility services, has worked at the hospital for 21 years. “I think it is important, because it gives us another way to reach out and touch our patients and visitors to ensure them they are getting appropriate care – just to let them know we’re here to answer any questions,” he shares.

“I’m fairly isolated from the rest of the hospital and it is nice to get out and see the public and greet them, guide them where they need to go,” shares operating room manager Kim Smith. The greeter program helps compliment the guidance of hospital volunteers, who may not always be available to guide patients and visitors around the hospital. “I think our volunteers have always done an excellent job greeting visitors. Working together is an excellent opportunity.”

Emails and calls wait, while greeters take time out of their day to connect with not only patients and visitors, but members of the community of Claremore. “They are neighbors, fellow citizens of Claremore,” adds Jeff. “It takes time out of your week and your schedule, but after you do it and you see the results you get – the people you serve are getting the care that they need – it is time well spent. It gives them a family feeling that we care. And we do!”